Brookwood House
Remember what matters
A refuge
A place of peace
For Families
For connection
For artists
For regeneration

Brookwood is a beautiful rental property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia. Designed, built, and highly curated by the owners, Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Woodstock, it is a space specially designed for peace, regeneration, art, creativity, and connection. Tucked in the mountains, backing up to a bubbling creek with a waterfall, with a large swimming pool and terraced gardens, it’s the perfect space for family reunions and gatherings, yoga retreats, co-working, and artist workshops. We look forward to hosting you.

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home away from home

Take the time you need to reconnect with that creative spark. Brookwood is your home away from home, a place to retreat to the parts of you that can get buried in the clutter of everyday life. Rediscover who you are, reconnect with those you love, and recharge your energy with a visit to Brookwood House. We highly encourage artists, musicians, and creatives of all kinds to use this as a space to create and share their vision.

Fragrance-Free Environment

We strive to keep Brookwood House a safe haven for those with chemical sensitivities to thrive. Under U.S. law, cosmetic products and ingredients, other than color additives, do not need FDA approval before they go on the market. Unlike pharmaceuticals or pesticides, industrial chemicals do not have to be tested before they are put on the market. This leaves people unknowingly exposed to an ever-present cloud of chemical fragrance that can cause serious health problems, even for those who don’t experience an immediate physical reaction. Join us in creating safer places for everyone, including those with chemical sensitivities.

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