We recognize the hazards caused by scented products, so to keep a safe and healthy environment for all, we have a fragrance-free policy here at Brookwood. We ask that all guests and visitors refrain from using scented products.

Our goal is to create a safe haven for those with sensitivities that prevent them from enjoying many other establishments. Try it, your body and mind with thank you!

Although we do our very best to require all guests and visitors adhere to our fragrance free policy, we cannot give a comprehensive guarantee that the environment will be completely free of irritants to those who have sensitivities. If you have a very severe allergy, please note that we can do our very best to ensure guidelines are followed. Unfortunately, we can’t control the behavior of other guests, and therefore can’t be held liable for any reactions you may experience.


Fragrance free & hypoallergenic travel at Brookwood house blog post