Brookwood House Guidebook

Welcome to Brookwood!

Please make yourself at home. Our space offers a variety of comforts, and we’re nestled in a rich and vibrant community. We’ve assembled this guidebook for you to familiarize yourself with everything our space, and the broader community, have to offer during your visit. 

We hope you make the very best of your stay.

| House information |

Caretaker and Guest Experience Manager

There is a caretaker of the property who lives on-site in a studio apartment on the lower level.  His name is Jay Burnett.  While you most likely will see Jay during your stay, please note that he is not on call for guests.  Do contact him though if there is a house related emergency, like a burst pipe or a breaker trips.  You will find Jay to be quite charming! He enjoys woodcarving (you’ll see some of his skillful work) and an occasional swim in the creek.  

David Hill is our Guest Experience Manager.  David is not on-site but can be reached prior to your arrival should you desire help with anything regarding your visit!  Please email David in advance of your stay for assistance with arranging anything else you might want in addition to the amazing property itself.  He has a long background in customer service and his goal is to help optimize your Brookwood experience!  

Emergency Contact Information

Local Police Station: (252) 535-2031

Poison Control: (800) 222-1222

Linens and Bedding

We  are dedicated to keeping Brookwood Covid-free. We ask that you bring your own linens and bedding with you. If that is not possible, we will provide sheets and towels washed in hot water, and covers/comforters that have been sprayed with oxygenated bleach. Please let David, our guest services manager, know your preference on this issue a minimum of two days before your arrival.

Location of Fire Extinguishers

The fire extinguishers are located on each floor of the house: 

-Top floor:  upstairs bathroom closet

-Middle floor: under the grill in the kitchen

-Bottom floor: in the family room

We recommend familiarizing yourself and all of your guests with this information in case of emergency.


We are located in a rural area, and there are a variety of creatures that coexist with us here. During your visit to Brookwood, there is a possibility that you’ll see deer, racoons, snakes and many other kinds of exciting wildlife. (see footnote!)  Also, because we are in the country, insects occasionally make it into the house.  If you happen to see a bug in the house, we have these nifty gadgets called Bugzookas which can be used to safely remove them. Just compress the bellows at one end, point the other end at the insect, then press a button to capture the spider, lady bug or whatever it is (unharmed, if you’d like to deposit it outside!). There are some naturalist books in the sitting room – bird identification, wildflower identification, snake identification, as well as books on local hiking trails)  If you are concerned about running into a bear or  venomous snake, we highly recommend researching the area so you have an in-depth understanding of what to expect. We love the wildlife here and it’s one of our favorite parts of this location.

Wireless Internet

The internet here is DSL, so very slow compared to fiber or cable. We don’t recommend Brookwood House as a place to come and do remote work that depends on reliable internet. The newly constructed Roanoke Public Library is right around the corner, and they have a good connection if needed. (The Library will be posting more information online concerning reopening after closing during Covid-19 restrictions.  If a solid internet connection is extremely important to you, we recommend you check their website for updated information prior to your arrival.)  Your time is better spent on play… work can wait! 

David will have the Brookwood Guests’ wi-fi information waiting for you upon your arrival.


There are endless activities (if you choose to do anything more than relax and unwind)! We have board games under the bench in the window nook. 

The stereo system and CD’s are available to listen to, but please be respectful and put anything you use back where it came from. 

We have a flat screen television in the living room of the lowest floor that  has a Chromecast device. You can download the Chromecast app to your device (phone, laptop, tablet) and project whatever you’re watching on the screen: Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc. We also have HDMI cables to connect with your device if you’d rather not use the app.

Feel free to read any of the books on the bookshelves.  

Generator | Train

At 4:30pm every Tuesday, the generator does a test and auto run, which can be noisy- but no need to panic. It’s standard quality control to make sure we are safe if we lose power. There’s also a train that runs fairly regularly. It’s loud enough to hear, but we haven’t found it bothersome. We have provided earplugs for  our guests to use if they choose.


We are committed to Tikkun Olam, the Jewish concept of repairing the world. There are many ways to do that. We do our part by supporting the rights of all our community members, always paying a fair wage, and donating  to local, national and international charities every year.  We avoid purchasing mass-market art because we know there are talented people working hard to bring us real, human-made works of art.  It’s important to us to support the makers.
We incorporate a variety of practices to decrease our environmental impact, including the use of solar panels, composting, recycling, and generally practicing responsible habits regarding water and electricity. We have some educational how-to’s for composting as well as recycling in the area if you would like to take a look and help us with our commitment to minimal waste. We encourage our guests to be conscious of their habits during their stay.

Builder’s Notes

If any of our guests are interested in the building process, systems, and structure, we have included some information about the house itself. Elizabeth and Adam installed cool systems in Brookwood including: 

•8.4 Kilowatt Photovoltaic System 

•Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal (Hot Water System) 

•Wood Fired Hot Water 

•On Demand Hot Water System 

•Solar Powered Gravity Feed irrigation system 

•17 KW Propane Backup Generator 

•Dual Fuel in Floor radiant heat (Propane or Wood) 

•High Efficiency Heat Pumps


At Brookwood House, we strongly support the arts. That is why nearly every piece in and around the home was created by an artist, most of them local. We hope that society  will follow suit and appreciate those who share themselves with others, who heal others, and who inspire others. 

| House Rules |


We recognize the hazards caused by scented products, so to keep a safe and healthy

environment for all, we have a fragrance-free policy here at Brookwood. Fragrances in personal care products, air fresheners, candles, cleaning products, and laundry products (especially dryer sheets and ‘fabric softeners’) adversely affect human health. Scientific research links fragrance ingredients to a variety of serious health issues. We ask that all guests and visitors refrain from using scented laundry, personal care, and cleaning products.  To assist you and encourage adherence to this policy, we will provide soaps and laundry detergent, etc. for your stay! 

Our goal is to create a safe haven for those with sensitivities that prevent them from enjoying many other establishments. Try it, your body and mind with thank you!

(Although we do our very best to require that all guests and visitors adhere to our fragrance-free policy, we cannot give a comprehensive guarantee that the environment will be completely free of irritants to those who have sensitivities. If you have a very severe allergy, please note that we do our very best to ensure guidelines are followed. However, we can’t control the behavior of other guests, and therefore can’t be held liable for any reactions you may experience.) 


There is no lifeguard on duty at any time, and swimming in both the pool and the creek are at your own risk! Please note that any swimming in the creek involves some additional risks.  There are rocks both slick and sharp as well as all of nature’s creatures with whom you will be sharing the space.  Wearing protective shoes is highly recommended should you venture into the creek.  Additionally, guests are not to use water devices such as rafts, kayaks, or canoes, in the creek.  That said, you will find the pool overlooking the creek to be one of the very nicest around!!  (And it doesn’t have quite as many hazards and restrictions to consider.)


The fireplace in the living room is not yet ready to use. Don’t use the fireplace.

No Smoking

Smoking must be done outside,  We have a STRICT no smoking policy.

Key Pickup & Dropoff

There are two options for the handoff of the key for your stay:

  • Option #1 – No Contact Arrival –  The door will be left unlocked and the key left for you in the foyer.
  • Option #2 – Greeted Arrival.  David will greet you when you arrive (you must give him an accurate time to meet you) and give you a tour and orientation of Brookwood.

Please email David in advance to make arrangements.  Option #1 will be the default if necessary, but David is more than happy to meet you personally when you arrive!

On-Site Events 

All parties and events require approval by the Guest Experience Manager. Anyone you bring to the property that’s not listed in your booking also requires approval, unless they’re part of an approved function. 

Quiet Hours

Out of concern for our neighbors and our caretaker, we ask that quiet hours be respected between 11:00 pm and 7:00am

Please Clean Up After Yourself

We expect a general level of basic cleanliness, which means that we expect things to be left as close as possible to the way you found them. It can be easy to get carried away in such an incredible kitchen, but please respect the space and clean up after your meals and never leave any food out overnight.  Significant messes are subject to extra charges.

(There is a placement chart posted on the fridge for the items available for your use in the kitchen area.)

No Firearms Policy

Brookwood House is a respite designed for safety, comfort, and relaxation. We prohibit the presence of firearms on the property at all times and for any reason. 


Delicious Food & Drink

(Please call ahead or check websites for any covid-19-related restriction)

  • Scratch Biscuit Company ($) 18 min. drive, Grandin Village Great biscuits & BBQ
  • Benny Marconi’s Pizza ($) 16 min. drive Downtown, pizza slices the size of your face
  • Pop’s ($) 18 min. Drive, Grandin Village, Ice cream, shakes, grilled cheeses, and soups
  • Texas Tavern ($) 18 min. drive, Downtown, This Roanoke-famous 10-seat greasy spoon serves some mean hotdogs, burgers, and chili. If you ask for a straw or ketchup, be prepared for some sass. Open 24/7
  • Nawab  ($$) 16 min. downtown, Indian food.
  • Carlos Brazilian International Cuisine ($$$) 7 min. drive, Cave Spring. The main dining room of this restaurant was inspired by the great room and master bedroom in Brookwood House.  The same individual designed both Brookwood House and the main dining room in Carlos’ restaurant.  
  • Local Roots ($$$) 18 min. drive, Grandin Village. Farm-to-table restaurant.
  • Mill Mountain Coffee 5 min. drive, Cave Spring
  • Sweet Donkey Coffee 17 min. drive, Downtown
  • Deschutes Brewery  18 min. drive, Downtown
  • Parkway Brewing Company 24 min. drive, Salem VA


(Please call ahead or check websites for any covid-19-related restriction)



PARKING RECOMMENDATION FOR DOWNTOWN: Free parking is usually available behind the Taubman Museum of Art on Norfolk Ave SE. This is a short walk to most of the downtown recommendations.

| Recycling |

We hope during your stay you can find our recycling easy to use. Bins are in the pantry. Please rinse out items first.

| Composting |

We at Brookwood House also hope you will participate in our composting with us. The system is very simple, you will dispose of any food waste EXCEPT meat and cheese in the compost bin in the kitchen. If during your stay the bin becomes full please empty in the compost pile out back.  Please also be aware that we are composting on a small scale so we cannot process compostable packaging such as cups, silverware, or plates. Thank you for helping us make our planet a greener place to live and enjoy!